Best baby shower gift ideas

August 23, 2019

What’s harder than buying something for someone who has everything? Buying for an expectant parent, because they need just about everything. That’s why the best baby shower gift ideas aren’t just sweet, they’re actually sort of life-changing. Or at least life-easing — the baby is the real life-changing part! Having a baby is the biggest decision that most people will ever make, and all of the lifestyle adjustments, chief amongst them being pregnant, tend to become pretty exhausting and even overwhelming. Between all the physical challenges, emotional moments, and mental preparation, most parents aren’t exactly focused on shopping, so it’s a good thing you’re going to help by giving them baby shower gifts that will come in handy once the big day arrives.

It may not be the same as actually bringing a new life into this world, but buying a gift for a baby shower can also be a bit stressful. To make it easy to find the best baby shower gift ideas, MASSE provides real recommendations from real people who really use these brands and products. There are no sponsored posts or sneaky paid reviews on MASSE, so you know that when someone recommends a swaddle or teether, it’s because they know it really works and they are absolutely comfortable advising other people to try it, too. Legit reviews and quality assurances are always important, but never more so than with buying baby shower gifts. When you give a baby shower gift, you want to be super confident that you’re providing parents with a safe, reliable product — this is really high stakes stuff.

The best baby shower gift ideas touch on a lot of different products, but they do have one thing in common: They’re very useful, not just cute (though cute doesn’t hurt). Sure, everyone loves a stuffed animal, but parents can only fit so many in a baby’s room, and the truth is, a cuddly teddy bear doesn’t do a ton to help get a crying baby to sleep or eat. So when you’re looking for baby shower gift ideas, it’s smart to put yourself in those parents shoes — or at least consult people who have survived those long, sleepless nights and posted those wonderful baby photos themselves. /p>

MASSE users have a lot of great baby shower gift ideas that will excite new parents by being both adorable and totally useful. Swaddles will help keep an infant feeling warm and cozy as they learn to sleep themselves. Teethers will ease those hard months when baby teeth start coming in. Bath sets provide everything a new parent needs to make bathtime fun and easy. See? Adorable and totally useful!

  • Ultimate Labor & Delivery Kit


    By Belly Bandit

    Nothing can quite prepare you for having a child, but at least now mothers-to-be can be fully prepared for the big day itself! Belly Bandit’s Ultimate Labor & Delivery Kit is an incredibly clever new all-in-one package that has everyone an expectant mother needs for the biggest day of her life, from practical stuff such as nursing pads and hand sanitizer to little luxury items such as rich moisturizers and hand-held massagers. This amazing baby shower gift idea comes in a cute carrying case, too, and is sure to add a bit of comfort and calm to what can be a pretty chaotic day.

  • Felt Letter Board Message Sign


    By Henro

    Parents have been obsessed with taking photos of their children since the invention of the camera. For generations, formal portraits meant trips to places like Sears or other photo studios, but now, parents can fashion their own fantastic shoots for Instagram at home. This felt letter board message sign from Henro is an adorable way for parents to display all the important details about their baby in those milestone photos, so when your friends are collecting those likes, you can feel proud that you played a (very small!) part in making it happen. It’s an absolute perfect baby shower gift idea — one MASSE user describes their friend loving it so much, they bought another one for another friend’s baby shower.

  • Goodnight Moon


    By Margaret Wise Brown

    Sometimes, you just can’t top a classic. So while there is no shortage of media for very young children, with new streaming TV shows and books popping up every day, you’re not going to find a more beloved book than Margaret Wise Brown’s “Goodnight Moon.” There’s a reason why parents have been reading it with their kids for over 70 years: It’s sweet, educational, and comforting. One MASSE user is a school librarian and swears by reading with little kids, calling it a “game changer,” and as another reviewer says “Goodnight Moon,” is the “quintessential book for kids,” making it a classic baby shower gift that will always earn you plenty of appreciation.

  • Nursing Pillow and Positioner


    By Boppy

    Feeding and sleeping are two of the biggest challenges facing new parents, so anything that helps alleviate both concerns is like a gift from above. Boppy’s Nursing Pillow and Positioner does just that, making it one of the best baby shower gifts imaginable. It allows parents to position their infants in any number of ways, creating more comfortable setups for breastfeeding and nap time. One MASSE marveled that “I didn’t know if I could have survived without my Boppy pillow,” which is pretty high praise!

  • Complete Bath Set


    By Gryph & Ivy Rose

    It’s always preferable to use bath and skin products made with natural ingredients, and it’s all the more essential when a baby is involved. That’s why Gryph & Ivy Rose’s Complete Bath Set is such a great baby shower gift idea — one set comes with body wash, shampoos, body oils, and more, and they’re all made with botanical oils and natural nutrients — no harsh chemicals to be found. MASSE users say it smells great, too.

  • The Baby Shusher Soother


    By Baby Shusher

    If you think having a baby is a big change, imagine being a baby — going from the calm, safe, warm womb to the strange world outside can be pretty overwhelming. No wonder babies cry so much! A new parent spends a lot of time desperately trying to sweetly shush a baby back to sleep, often to no avail, which is why this Baby Shusher Soother is one of the best baby shower gifts around. It plays white noise and womb sounds for up to 30 minutes at a time, so babies get the feeling of being safe and secure, and parents get some desperately needed sleep.

  • Baby Book | The Story of You


    By Artifact Uprising

    The early days of parenthood can be a blur, so any way to help parents remember those precious moments they may not remember due to sleep deprivation definitely makes for one one of the best baby shower gift ideas. Artifact Uprising makes “the most beautiful photo books,” according to one rave review from a MASSE user, allowing parents to assemble a gorgeous collection of pictures and memories of baby’s first year that will last a lifetime.