Best Baby Carrier

September 27, 2019

A good baby carrier brings you the best of both worlds: A closer relationship with your baby and easier access to the outside world. Sure, in an ideal scenario, you’d be able to take a stroller everywhere, keeping your baby safe, steady, and sleepy, while toting around all the items you need to make sure they’re comfortable (and clean!) while awake. But the reality is that not everywhere is so stroller-friendly; no matter how light they are and how easy they fold up, strollers with children in them can be cumbersome and hard to maneuver in tight spaces — just ask parents who live in a city!

Luckily, there are some really great baby carriers out there now that, as we mentioned above, make life easier and give you the type of closeness with your child that a stroller could never deliver. The best baby carriers are convenient, easy to use, and most importantly, very safe, so they’ll help you live your everyday life while creating a bond (and even a fashion statement, dads). A high quality baby carrier is sturdy enough to be able to easily support a baby’s weight without sagging, but soft enough to be comfortable for their bodies — and for their parents’ bodies, as well. (Hey, being a parent is tiring work — you deserve some comfort and support, too!)

That means different things depending on what age you’re buying a baby carrier for; infant carriers tend to be wrap-style that keep a baby snugly hung against a parent’s chest, while carriers for slightly older children allow more freedom and flexibility for their arms and legs. One is meant to hold a child tight, as if they were suspended in a soft womb again, while the other is a super-comfortable suspension.

That’s a very basic guideline, but all parents want the best for their children, so finding the right baby carrier is absolutely crucial. It also takes some work… if you don’t shop with MASSE, that is. MASSE provides product recommendations made by real people who have really bought, used, and/or given the products, which is extra important when it comes to crucial items like baby carriers. You can be confident in our recommendations because we don’t allow any sponsored posts or paid reviews, either — what you’ll find below is just the straight truth about the best baby carriers.

  • Baby Carrier Original


    By BabyBjorn

    BabyBjorn put the modern baby carrier on the map thanks to an ingenious design and smart medical research. It was first introduced in 1973, an invention of baby product maker Bjorn Jakobson and his textile designer wife, Lillemor, inspired by a study they read about the importance of close parental contact with their little ones. This baby carrier is the updated version of the classic original, which utilizes a clean design, ergonomic build, and comfortable fabric to keep baby safe and parents happy.

  • Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier


    By Infantino

    Given its name, it should come as no surprise that the Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier offers four distinct ways to carry and hold your baby, but it’s worth nothing that it really does deliver on its promise. This baby carrier is made for newborns to children up to 32 pounds, with an adjustable seat and straps that allow a baby to sit both facing inward and out. Parents say they love how soft and versatile this baby carrier is, as well as its ease of use. As one MASSE user put it, “it’s been a lifesaver for getting anything done.”

  • Original Baby Wrap Carrier


    By Baby K’tan

    Made for that precious first year of life, the Baby K’Tan original baby wrap carrier brings your baby close as you head out into the world. Thanks to its customizable size, out users say it’s very easy to put on — far easier than it seems — and doesn’t take more than a minute to set up. One MASSE parent describes getting a number of different baby carriers as gifts (it happens!) and having her son like this one best.

  • Comfyfit Baby Carrier


    By Boppy

    Boppy’s Comyfit Baby Carrier is popular because it combines the natural comfort of baby carrier wraps with the sturdiness, safety, and simplicity of more structured baby carriers. It looks like a tie wrap, but it also has clips and adjustable straps, making it super easy to wear and ensure your baby will be safe and secure. MASSE parents say it’s especially perfect for those first few months and that it offers “the perfect lightweight sniggliness of a wrap” while also letting you breathe easy (literally and figuratively, since you don’t have to tie it too tight).

  • Omni 360 Baby Carrier


    By Erogbaby

    Ergobaby’s Omni 360 Baby Carrier works for babies and children up to two years old, adapting naturally as the little passenger grows. It includes options for both front-facing and outward-facing carrying and has an ingenious hood with SPF 50 protection against the sun when you’re out in the sun. It doesn’t ignore parents’ needs, either, as it has lumbar support for the lower back, giving it all the attributes needed for an amazing day out. One parent pointed out how useful the Omni 360 baby carrier is for plane travel, too — “it makes it easy to carry a handbag and diaper bag onto the plane if you have your hands free,” showing just how versatile this baby carrier is!